Kalbita Pty Limited

Graham Marsh was a small business when fellow small business Kalbita Pty Limited chose to bring them on board as engineering consultants in 1986. They decided it seemed natural to work with a similar sized business so when their surveyors recommended Graham Marsh they knew they were working with the right people. Since working together they have developed over two and a half thousand lots including major projects; Hillcrest Gardens and, Coachwood Rise. The team at Kalbita Pty Limited say that Graham Marsh are always very efficient in doing things when asked, and are comforted by the idea that all of their projects past and present are in the capable hands of one business. This creates ease of access when anyone requires any information.

“Graham Marsh is always very obliging and on time. They follow up on things they should and never have any time lags. Always been very happy with everything they’ve done, NO complaints only accolades.” Susan Beer, Kalbita Pty Limited 2012


Seaspray Project Management Pty Ltd

Anthony Creswick, the director of many development projects, describes the experience of working with Graham Marshas second to none. They have worked together since the year 2000 on many projects worth upwards of $100,000,000 with each as successful as the last. Anthony commends Graham Marsh’s uncanny ability to foresee any possible issue and discuss solutions so that they simply ‘disappear’. There are very few issues when working with Graham Marsh, however if one does arise, the practical, hands on approach that Graham Marsh has mastered means Anthony sees the best ever troubleshooting and consequent rectification of the issue.

“I have never worked with someone who is as professional, efficient and cost effective. The planning is meticulous and no possible issue is forgotten. Such an incredible experience.” Anthony Creswick, 2012