Emu Park Village

This project comprises a 2,000m2 supermarket, 6 retail shops and commercial office space in Emu Park on the Capricorn Coast. The project was completed in November 2011.

Our role in the project: Graham Marsh designed the civil works including the internal car park, the external roads and the stormwater drainage. We also monitored the construction of these works and generally assisted the architect with the contractual and management aspects of the project.

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This is a mixed-use project situated on the Tweed Coast between the Salt and Casuarina projects. In its final form it will comprise some 600 residential ‘units’ (houses, town houses and units) with commercial and retail facilities. To date we have constructed Stage 1 of the project.

Our role in the project: The works were designed and the construction ‘managed’ by a large consulting engineering company. Graham Marsh was appointed as the client’s representative to work with their project manager, keeping a watching brief on both the design and construction. In this role Graham Marsh was involved in the construction of the civil works, the landscaping, and the electrical and gas installations.

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This is a mixed-use development situated at Zilzie on the Capricorn Coast. We commenced construction of the project in 2004 and it is still a ‘work in progress’. In its final form it will comprise approximately 300 residential lots, 80 small lots, 150 units, a recreation club, a resort and a village centre. The rec club consists of a restaurant, fully equipped gym, conference facilities, a doctor’s surgery and a chemist. The resort comprises seventeen 2- and 3-bedroom apartments.

Our role in the project: Graham Marsh was initially commissioned as construction manager, to manage the construction of the civil works. Our role evolved into designing all of the civil works, managing the landscaping operation, managing the on-site nursery and assisting the architect with contractual and management issues with the construction of both the rec club and the resort. Rec club landscaping was originally done by an outside contractor, however it was decided to bring the landscaping work for the resort in-house. The result achieved is fantastic and far more cost-effective.

We have also been part of the planning team looking at various future aspects of the project.